Hello my name is Klaus, I´m from Austria! Im still looking for a team/account for this speed server. I really don´t wanna play alone thats not really possible as i wanna sleep and eat too xD

I´m very active ! 24/7 with breaks of course
Very professional farmer! playing 3x servers since 2011
I´m using Gold of course too
Here are some Screenshots of my work that i´ve done (of course not by myself, always with a trustfull team)

For the last Screenshots i´m very proud because i played the server all by myself, alone, with only 200 Gold, no 15cc Capital.. I only used the power of farming

I really hope someone is contacting me cause i´m really in the mood again to play Travian
Contact me if you want: SKYPE: felix.kessler457
I use facebook too!

Thanks for listening and have a nice Day