Dear Travian players,

All good things must come to an end, and so too must this age. Once Solomon was given a ring, upon which was inscribed a message that could take away all the joys or sorrows of the world, that message was roughly translated, “this too shall pass”. It is both our joy and sorrow to announce to all Travian players that this too has now passed! We hope you enjoyed your time with us as much as we enjoyed serving you and thank you for staying until the very end!

The results: Day had long since passed into night, yet the workers of the village -WW, laboured on throughout the wintery eve, ever wary of the countless armies marching to destroy their work, knowing that they raced against time and the greatest threat that had ever faced the free tribes. Their tireless struggles were rewarded at 14:58 after a nameless worker laid the final stone in what will be forever known as the greatest and most magnificent creation in all of history since the fall of the Natars.

Together with the alliance "Coop", " No Diggity" was the first to finish the Wonder of the World, using millions of resources whilst also protecting it with hundreds of thousands of brave defenders. It is therefore "No Diggity" who receives the title "winner of this era"!

"RockNRolla" was ruler over the largest personal empire, followed closely by "TiksIrToks" and "bagse".
"RockNRolla" slew more than any other, and was the mightiest, most fearsome commander.
"No Diggity" was the most glorious defender, slaughtering enemies at the village gates, staining the lands around those villages with their blood.

Best regards,
Your Travian-Team