I'm norwegian, but I will write in English to hopefully avoid confusion. But there will be no problems in understanding Swedish if you decide to apply to join the account.

The account is teuton, and we started late, 8 days late, 13.11. Luckily, we've got a great start and the gameplan is to have our 6th city up tomorrow, 27.11. The "original" co-player quits 1. december, when nox starts. But because of the good start we've got here, I will continue and focus 100% on this account, therefore a new dual is welcome.

If you decide to ask to join, you have to know how to play the offensive Teuton, and you should have done it a couple of times on earlier servers. Using gold is of course a plus, then I don't need to become poor on a swedish server, but it isn't that important as long as you know how to farm, how to be offensive.

The account demands much time from you, so there's no need to ask if you know you don't have the time to play active Teuton.

Questions and applies should be sent as a PM, but feel free to write here too. You can also write me your Skype/MSN address over a PM or here, and we can talk.