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    Let's put the discussions of tolerance of BOT-users in the game behind us and look at the status instead.... the conclusion must be there seems to be an official agreement that everyone wants a bot-free game - but some players still argue that it can be accepted as long as they benefit from it...

    SG / PP / Mygs/ Smyg have merged into the apparently strongest META on the server....

    I was expecting a dominance by this Meta when it came to collecting artifacts, but for whatever reason they have only captured a fair share so far....

    There are a couple of other Metas - ie. eVil / TSPS / DD, but it does not seem that these fractions has yet made any serious attempt to respond to the SG / PP / Mygs/ Smyg merger...

    The question then is if they will be able to dominate the game since no-one is responding to their build up or if they will have difficulties finding anyone to fight?

    The time for plundering is now over for most players and attack skills and luck of both Alliances and single players will determine the outcome of the next phase.
    Du glömde nämna NE, dom vinner väl, eller? :rolleyes:
    Sez 3 ~ Abzor Excidium
    Sez 7 ~ Abzor Ceres ---> Consus
    Sez 8 ~ Random Hunter T.I.F
    Sez 9 ~ Shalala MYGS!
    Sez 10 ~ Cougar Studio54
    Sez 11 ~ Mai Tai Asylum
    Sez 12 ~ 2xG Liberty
    Sez 13 ~ Lammkött The Whos

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    Citat Ursprungligen postat av Ergonomic Visa inlägg
    Hur ser det ut med artifakterna nu?

    Vilka allianser/spelare har lyckats ta några och isåfall vilka?

    Vore kul med en liten uppdatering!

    Jag har en unik diet, mycket bra artefakt i mina ögon....

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    Citat Ursprungligen postat av .AB Visa inlägg
    Du glömde nämna NE, dom vinner väl, eller? :rolleyes:
    nepp var med i NE.... men jag tror mer på SMYG allianserna

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    Jag tror på MYGS!

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