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    Kopierar över diverse saker från ett annat forum: (minecraft fan fiction)


    Currently operating:

    Name: The Luminian Empire
    Activity: Spreading Luminor's influence as they conquer land from "lesser races", such as that claimed by the necromancers and the lords of evil.
    History: When Luminor, the creator god of the world, revealed himself to the mortals, he quickly gained a following and the Luminian Empire was established.
    Leader: Luminor, supreme god of the world.

    Name: The Ice People
    Activity: Currently standing at the brink of extinction as they are being assaulted by the legions of Herobrine.
    History: Long ago, they were very powerful and known as the Frozen Legion.
    Leader: Icearia, Queen of Ice

    Name: Lords of evil
    Activity: Invading the land of Minecraft under one of Herobrine's lieutenants, the Lord of Hate.
    History: Herobrine used to be a great enemy of evil but was eventually corrupted by the old leader of what is now his army, Verdaci, the Lord of Destruction.
    Leader: Herobrine, Lord of Fear

    Name: The Necromancers
    Activity: Serving Necromoun in the shadows. Everyone who knew more was either captured and brainwashed to join them or killed.
    History: The Necromancers draw upon Necromoun's life restoring power to create undead. In the beginning, before Necromoun's power was split between so many, he could completely resurrect people.
    Leader: Necromoun, God of Undeath.

    Name: The Spy Chickens
    Activity: Secret.
    History: The spy chickens were revealed by a great hero who's name is long forgotten. They recently started being more bold and have been spotted close to the Notchian Empire's capital, Holy City.
    Leader: No one knows for sure, but an Urbakum lookout has reported that their leader is known as Godking Nightbeak. The lookout has not been seen since.

    Name: Rogue Endermen
    Activity: Planning their next attack against Minecraftia.
    History: The Rogue endermen are the ones most commonly seen by humans and by far the most aggressive endermen. They originated when one of the ender gods, Legion, split off from the rest since he and a group of endermen could not handle that the Ender of All, Supreme God of the End (and God of Death), appointed Assavith new leader of the endermen.
    Leader: Legion, God of Great armies.

    Name: True Endermen
    Activity: Observing the world.
    History: The True Endermen keep the world in balance and make sure that no great force destroys all of Minecraftia. They have existed within their floating pyramid-like cities for longer than any mortal can remember.
    Leader: Assavith, God of Stealth


    Name: Demonists
    History: The Demonists were a cult who worshipped the Old Pantheon, called demonists for their deals with the nether by The New Pantheon.
    No longer operate because: They were eradicated by the New Pantheon.
    Former leader: The King of Fire, his real name is unknown.

    Name: The Dune Empire
    History: The Dune Empire lived in the deserts of Minecraftia and had a vast empire. After a large sandstorm, many of their old pyramids and ruins can now be seen all over Minecraftia.
    No longer operate because: They ran out of fresh water but didn't know how to live anywhere but in the desert.
    Former leader: The Dune Lord, real name unknown.

    The Urbakum

    In the ancient Sacred Forest, a massive rainforest that spans an area as large as a continent, there is a great kingdom of humans. They are an ancient people who have lived in the forest ever since their ancestors discovered the Spirits of Nature.

    The Spirits are:

    The Forest Mother

    The Urbakum are a powerful people who have developed highly advanced magic for making their cities, which are built of large platforms floating above the forest. The platforms are made of indestructible force fields held in place by stone and are held in the air by magical devices at the underside of the platform's center. Their cities are protected by gates of silver, gold and diamond, forming three layers, the Silver City, the Golden City and the Diamond city, each filling a different function. The Silver City contains things that need to be close to the edges of the city, such as military installations and trading districts, the Golden City contains the main population and general buildings like shops, schools and blacksmiths. These buildings are made of white marble, gathered from caves below the jungle. The Diamond city sits at the center of the city, with the Golden City forming as circle around it and the Silver City a circle around that. The Diamond city is very well guarded, often not only by Urbakum humans but by non-human beings. Which kind of these are guarding depends on the city. This is because the Diamond city contains the city's most important structures, such as temples and the residences of the city leaders, the High commander and the Master shaman.

    When most other peoples and races first saw the Urbakum's cities in the sky from a distance, they thought that they had seen a divine city of angels. Some say, such as the Luminian empire, that the Urbakum cities are a sign of arrogance, that they think they can do as good as angels. Others say that it is a sign of cowardice to not want their cities to be very accessible from the ground. The Urbakum think that both of these claims are silly and refuse to discuss them.

    The Urbakum are allied with several magical races, each linked to one of their great spirits. These are:

    Wind: Aetherguards
    The Aetherguards are made up of a blurry mess of wind and lightning, incapsulated within some kind of seethrough metal, which looks like glass but is much sturdier. They are adept at defensive spells and using magic to control the enemy army's movement to give Urbakum soldiers fewer enemies to worry about at a time. They are also skilled at electric magic and can dispatch enemies by themselves if needed. Aetherguards are one of the two beings that protect the afterlife that Wind and Sun cooperate to maintain, called the Aether, which is best described as a massive flying city made of gold and silver in a bottomless sky with eternal day and decorations made of lightning and fire.

    Water: Tsunams
    Tsunams are mysterious creatures that have not been summoned in the latest thousand years, instead Water's cities are guarded solely by Avatars and warriors.

    Sun: Seraphii
    Seraphii are best described as angels with wings more similar to a butterfly's than an angel's but made of light. Their clothes are made of golden cloth and they often have golden ornaments. They are skilled at using support and fire magic. They can rally troops that are fleeing in terror, heal mortal wounds and even resurrect fallen allies. With their fire magic however, they can lay waste to large groups of enemies. Seraphii are one of the two beings that protect the afterlife that Wind and Sun cooperate to maintain, called the Aether, which is best described as a massive flying city made of gold and silver in a bottomless sky with eternal day and decorations made of lightning and fire.

    Moon: Dark ones
    A dark one is creature of living darkness. They are skilled at illusion and tactical magic, but in the way of physically harming enemies themselves, all they have is a dark pulse which they summon around themselves which damages and pushes back enemies near them. However, they can cause enemies to fall down in imaginary pain, instantly persuade enemies to help them, lure enemies to certain locations, seamlessly sink into regular darkness and travel unnoticed and even pour themselves into an enemy to possess them. While they may seem evil, Dark ones are kind to their allies and have a strong sense to honor and would never harm someone who is not their enemy.

    The Forest Mother: Dryads
    Dryads look like women made of tree matter with branches as hair. They are closely linked to all life and will protect their forest home with all they have. They can, like Urbakum master shamans, enter spirit form and become incorproeal. However, they also display the ruthlessness of nature in battle and may plant seeds in enemies that grow roots through their veins and suck their blood, summon locusts to eat their enemies or call upon the trees to drag enemies down below the ground with their roots.

    The Urbakum Master Shamans have powerful magic granted to them by the spirits. They rule the Urbakum cities and always try to make things better for their people. Master Shamans, while adept at a range of magic, are often specialised in one form of magic, often one associated with one of their spirits. Master Shamans have three forms. A human form, which is their usual form, a totem form, which can be basically anything and is chosen by the master shman in question when they first enter it. Ubaka's totem form is that of a human sized owl, Abekalii's totem form is her human form but 4 meters high, with lava instead of blood, eyes made of fire and magically enhanced muscles to be stronger than a mountain ogre while Kirina can transform into a large, winged, draconic creature that breathes strong gusts of wing and lightning instead of fire.
    Their third form is their spirit form, which they enter by temporarily having their physical body vanish, leaving them as a spirit creaure. Their spirit form's colour is often linked to their kind of magic, as such, Abekalii who uses fire magic has a fire coloured spirit form.

    Citat Ursprungligen postat av Arval the historian
    It is said in their legends that they used to be a great empire even before Notch revealed himself to the mortals, so great that not even the combined forces of Notch, the Nether and the End would defeat them. However, after a great war against King of Doom, The Destroyer of Worlds, The Annihilator of Empires and Bane of Gods, although they defeated him, their entire empire was crushed and they reverted to a more primitive way of living.

    It is also said that the greatest spirit, The Forest Mother, has another name, a true name, that no one knows anymore. Although she slumbers now and only answers the most important of prayers, legends tell of her power being as great as that of Notch.

    However, since the only sources for this is legends and those tend to be exaggerated over time, no one can be sure if they are completely true.
    Some of their more important characters are:

    Ubaka (NPC, only used for roleplay): Master shaman
    Avloit (NPC, only used for roleplay): Master warrior
    Evol (NPC, only used for roleplay): Lookout

    Their ranks are currently:

    High commander: The highest leader of the army but who can only rule the Urbakum in war-related questions.
    Blade Dancer: One of the ancient elite warriors the Urbakum have. The Blade Dancer is said to be swift at avoiding blows while dealing damage at blinding speed.
    Avatar: One of the ancient elite warriors the Urbakum have. The Avatar represents a spirit and is imbued with some of it's power. Some say that a part of the spirit possessed the warrior, while the Urbakum prefer to call it that "the warrior becomes a temporary vessel of a great spirit".
    Master shaman: Leader of the shamans, Master Shamans also often take the role of political leaders for things not related to war.
    Shaman: Someone in link with the spirits, shamans possess powerful magical abilites, even though they almost never use them for combat
    Master warrior: Leader of the warriors
    Warrior: A warrior of the tribe, one of the most basic ranks
    Lookout: A skilled scout that can traverse the treetops with ease and always carries a bow and some arrows.
    Scout: A basic rank for those who scout the area and look for things like caves, important locations, forgotten ruins and enemies.

    Additional lore, written by Arval the historian before the Urbakum rose to power again in 3500 AC (After Cataclysm):

    Citat Ursprungligen postat av Arval the historian
    The Urbakum live in jungles and although they are quite tribal now, they used to be very powerful. Many years before the empires we know today were formed, the Urbakum (back then, according to certain sources, known as the Uvalasith but according to others always known as the Urbakum), were a great empire who could field large armies and have them traverse the dense jungles with ease. However, it was not until an enemy severely threatened them that their true power was revealed. The Great Spirits (Wind, Water, Sun, Moon and the Foest Mother), could give a part of their power to one of the warriors, essencially making him (or her, the Urbakum did field female soldiers, mainly for the Blade Dancer elite) a physical vessel for the spirit with which it could protect the jungles and the Urbakum more directly (though the spirits could take physical form by themselves, it is said it required an enormous amount of energy, according to certain sources, usually achieved through sacrifices) The spirits could also summon creatures from their realms, examples of these are very rare these days but I have seen a few myself, sent out to scout. These were the Winged serpent, a winged snake from Wind's realm, the Phoenix (which is known but many but few recognize it as native to Sun's realm), a fiery bird and perhaps the most impressive, the Giant bear (from the Forest Mother's realm), a bear (an animal very rare in the world of minecraft) of giant size, even larger than an ender dragon. I saw the bear during a religious ceremony involving it but way back, it was used as a living battering ram amoung other things.

    Right now, the Urbakum do not have an impressive military force. Nor do they have the numbers to make one and many of their spirits (Water, Moon and the Forest Mother) are very inactive, either asleep or busy and only interacting with our world on certain occasions (such as the bear-related ceremony). If they were to be at war though, the descendants of those who faced the Urbakum empire in battle have said that not many empires today could defeat them if all the spirits came to the Urbakum's aid.

    Personally though, I feel that that is utter nonsense, since the spirits, apart from perhaps the Forest Mother, are weaker than the average god and the belief in that the spirits would comepletely defeat, for example, the armies of the Notch Empire, come from exaggerated tales of earlier defeats.

    - Arval the historian 860 AC


    Overworld gods known to man: (many more exist)

    Luminor, supreme god of minecraft, member of the New Pantheon, also known as The Creator, uses his power to aid the forces of good against evil invasions.
    Terra, Old pantheon goddess of nature, has withdrawn from mortal affairs since the arrival of Notch.
    Necromoun, god of undeath, alternate spellings are accepted, member of the Old Pantheon, has withdrawn from mortal affairs since the arrival of Notch.
    Lucimor, lord of fear, recently lead great armies to conquer Minecraftia but was pushed back into hiding by Luminor.
    Wind, spirit of the wind, active and guiding the Urbakum.
    Water, spirit of water, active and guiding the Urbakum.
    Sun, spirit of the day and the sun, awoke recently.
    Moon, spirit of the night and the moon, currently inactive, or at least we think so...
    The Forest Mother, spirit of the forest, currently lies in a deep slumber.

    Nether gods known to man: (many more exist)

    Devourer of Worlds, god of immortality, currently the only active nether god, although right now he is mostly occupied with his own realm.
    Realmbreaker, god of total annihilation, slumbering deep inside the nether.
    Alavion, god of supreme power, brother of Assavith, sleeps in his chamber in the nether, member of the Old Pantheon, banished to the nether by Notch for reasons unknown to man.
    Terra Mortis, demigod of war, close to awakening but still slumbering.

    Gloom gods known to man: (many more exist)

    Ender of all, god of death, awake but occupied with his own realm.
    Legion, god of overwhelming armies, awake and planning his next onslaught.
    Assavith, god of shadows and stealth, brother of Alavion, in a deep slumber, member of the Old Pantheon, fled to the Gloom upon Luminor's arrival.

    Gods or other almightly beings of unknown origin:

    Avadon, King of Doom, the destroyer of worlds, defeated by Urbakum in a prehistoric apocalyptic battle. Currently activity unknown.
    The Swarm, has a champion called The Horde, other information unknown.
    The Fury and The Hunger: ???

    The New Pantheon:

    Luminor leader of the New Pantheon.
    Other members unknown.

    The Old Pantheon, which scattered upon the arrival of the New Pantheon:

    Terra of nature.
    Necromoun of undeath.
    Avadon of supreme power.
    Assavith of stealth.

    Longer descriptions of single gods


    It is said that Luminor created Minecraftia and Minecraftian life with it. Back then, gods were few and far between, most coming into being, or at least into Minecraftia, later. However, in the most ancient of legends, there are tales of dark shadows lurking in the deepest of caves and large stairs leading down below bedrock which no one ever returned from...

    Luminor's appearance is said to be akin to that of a man in glowing golden armor and with two graceful white wings, like those of an angel. Speaking of angels, they are his most powerful allies, especially the Archangels. Angels embody all that is good and will always try to protect the world from evil. The same cannot be said about Luminor's servants on Minecraftia's ground level though...

    The Luminian inquisitors have long been branding any magic user outside the Luminian Empire as a "witch who must be burned" and anyone who worships another god than Luminor as a "heretic who must also be burned". They are among the few Luminian magic users, skilled at destructive magic, such as their Witchbane blast spell which summons a blast of magical energy which destroys its impact location. The Luminian inquisitors also regularly look through people's homes to find any traces of "heresy".

    Luminor himself, although seemingly disliking this practice has done nothing to prevent it.

    Amoung Luminor's archangels, the greatest one used to be Lucimor, who dedicated his entire life to fighting the evil Lord of Destruction. However, with such a long exposure to a lord of evil, Lucimor was eventually contaminated by the essence of evil which, although invisible, falls from a lord of evil like running water. If one absorbs too much, they turn evil. A normal human would just have become a mindless husk and impossible to distinguish from a zombie. However, as an immortal, Lucimor became a lord of evil himself.
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    The archives of Ubaka

    Welcome, outsider, to my archives. I am Ubaka, master shaman of the Urbakum and my archives contain the combined knowledge of my people. Let me present to you, The Draco Naga, or the Dr'aga.

    The Dr'aga are beings of water. However, they do not worship Water, since they "already rule over the water". Instead, they worship Levi Ataan, the Dragon god of the ocean.

    A Dr'aga is a creature covered by blue or green scales with the upper body of a large humanoid and the lower body of a snake. On the humanoid part's back, two draconic wings can be seen. These wings develop slowly, since they are not pure dragons and it is only old Dr'aga that can fly. Most Dr'aga instead use their wings as fins to swim graciously underwater and can easily outspeed the fastest boats. Dr'aga learn magic naturally, being part dragon, and even a young individual may know spells such as Water Blast or Soak, while older Dr'aga often know far more powerfull spells such as Liquify, Tidal Strike and it is said that their elders know Ocean's Hunger, one of Water's most powerful spells.

    Dr'aga cities begin on the sea floor and rise far into the skies. There are no stairs to reach the upper parts, they are instead prestige areas for Dr'aga old enough to fly. Most Dr'aga instead live in the underwater part of the city.

    The Dr'aga have a very strong military, however they are almost never a threat to land living empires since the Dr'aga are bad at moving on land and they know it. However, in the Great Tide 560 AC (After Cataclysm, after Avadon, the Eater of Worlds destroyed the majority of the Urbakum, present time is 6000 AC) and the Tidal Invasion in 5500 AC, the Dr'aga made great use of their water magic to drown enemy fortifications and their majestic wings to take out enemy high ground positions. The Great Tide ended when the Frozen Legion and the Dune Empire, usually sworn enemies, united against the threat from the sea and the Tidal Invasion ended when Sun called upon a great drought, weakening the Dr'agas' ability to flood the land.

    However, both of those were only the Dr'aga testing the waters of what the "land dwellers" were capable of. If they ever decide to invade land in full force, we truly have much to fear.

    Dr'aga warriors


    Slithering Guard: A defensive Dr'aga warrior who often moves at the edges of a Dr'aga force to block enemy projectiles with their shields.
    Berserker: Sometimes Dr'aga may develop special glands that can, at will, produce chemicals which drive them into a frenzy. These Dr'aga are selected as berserkers and wield dual swords, crafted with in a distinctly Dr'agan style of having a curved sword, as opposed to a completely straight one. These are good for parrying while keeping up the attack.


    Aquamancer: A Dr'aga magician who uses powerful water magic to turns its enemies into liquid or turn the ground into a large wave to drown enemies.
    Executioner: Despite their name, these Dr'aga are mainly warriors and wield their two wiedly curved axes with pride. (the blades almost create a circle above the handle, in the center of this circle the Executioners channel water magic to strengthen their attacks).


    Elder serpent: Dr'aga cannot die of age and only grow bigger and stronger as they grow older. The Elder serpent is a several hundred year old Dr'aga which, due to it's dragon genes, has started growing greatly in size. Elder serpents are about as large as adult dragons and prefer to fight without weapons, as their massive size and magic make weapons unneccesary.
    Grand wyrm: A Grand wyrm is a Dr'aga that just refuses to die. If an Elder serpent grows to the age of 1000 years, it is generelly classed as a Grand wyrm. Since Dr'aga often engage in warfare with other underwater races for their entire lives, living to 1000 years of age is quite an achievment for a Dr'aga. At this point however, few enemies can defeat them and the Grand wyrms can live for several thousands of years more. The greatest are said to have been hatched before Avadon attacked 6000 years ago. The only sea creatures bigger than a Dr'aga of this age are Krakens and Leviathans, neither of which build empires like the Dr'aga. Urbakum scholars speculate that the Dr'agan god, Levi Ataan, is in fact just a Dr'aga who has lived to an unfathomable age and not a god in origin. No Grand wyrm has ever been seen on land, but only very few creatures above the water can defeat one in a one on one battle, such as a Frozen Legion Frost Titan and the Frozen Legion no longer exist...
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    Before the beginning, there was only darkness. In the end, there will only be darkness. Light is temporary.

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    The archives of Ubaka

    Welcome, outsider, to my archives. I am Ubaka, master shaman of the Urbakum and my archives contain the combined knowledge of my people. Let me present to you, the Empire of the Sun, the by far most powerful people in the deserts of our world.

    The Empire of the Sun, or the Dune Kingdom, as they are also called, are a proud people that live in the desert. They are very knowledgeable on how to survive in the extreme heat and lack of water and when they are invaded the desert itself is often responsible for a decent portion of the losses of the attackers. Not to take anything away from the Empire of the Sun though, they are very skilled warriors. Their focus on the army is a small, highly mobile force of elite soldiers who can fight unprepared enemy forces and win while outnumbered ten to one. While the Urbakum, who are led by the Master Shaman council and their High commanders and the Luminian empire (NOTE: Another name for the Notchian empire) who is officially ruled by a king, but in reality there are many forces at work in the power in the Luminian empire that the king has no power over, the Empire of the Sun is ruled by their emperor and his rule is unquestioned. While most of these emperors are recognized and respected on the battlefield, there is one that stands out. Ral'Na. It is said that he was blessed by Sun and born with superhuman strength and speed. At the age of 14, he convincingly defeated a band of three assassins who came to kill the heir to the Sun Empire throne. At the age of 22, he single handedly took down a Frost Titan of the frozen legion and rallied his troops to win what seemed like an impossible battle.

    The Empire of the Sun builds magnificent structures decorated with gold and glowing with magical brightness. Their cities are large and well guarded. For they need to be protected from their mortal enemies, the frozen legion. The two empires have been at war for long, both expanding their territory by conquering the land of many lesser races, such as that of the Stingers (intelligent scorpions that attack in swarms), the Iquali (a peaceful race of levitating creatures with a humanoid body and a snakelike tail instead of legs) and the Eviro (a race of harpy-like creatures with two pairs of wings on their back and human-like arms) in the case of the Empire of the Sun.


    Vanguard: The vanguard, while being the only close combat warrior the empire of the sun has, wears little armor. Their combat style relies on speed, as they are trained to be quicker with their polearm than a Luminian soldier is with his sword. Their incredible speed has dubbed them "lightning warriors" when spoken about by their enemies. Part of the reason for this speed is their use of magic, as they magically enhance their speed and reflexes to fight at the speed they do. A dune empire Vanguard can defeat Luminian soldiers outnumbered one to five without even being hit.

    *fast, melee, polearm, a little magic*

    Sunbeam: *archer, long range, fast, uses magic*

    Dawn mage: *support mage*

    Eclipse mage: *damage mage*

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    Kopierar över en sak från skype:

    Jag ska göra en lista över vad olika karaktärer i min minecraft-lore (som inte är så kopplad till minecraft längre) skulle ha för roll om de var med i LoL
    Aetherguard, Defender of the Aether (Urbakum)
    Religma, Fanatical inquisitor (Luminian Empire)
    Terra Mortis, Demigod of war (Nether deity)
    Scy'Laa, Dr'agan Executioner (Dr'aga)
    Water, The pure (Spirit of water)
    Devourer of Worlds, the Invincible (God of Immortality) (*host* TANK! *host*)

    Kirina, Master shaman of wind (Urbakum)
    Sounaga, Master shaman of water (Urbakum)
    Noc'Ta, Eclipse archmage (Empire of the Sun)
    Icearia, Queen of Ice (Frozen Legion)
    Necromourn, Lord of the dead (God of undeath)
    Sun, Urbakum War deity (Spirit of the sun)
    Realmbreaker, the annihilator (God of total destruction)
    Avadon, The supreme (God of supreme power)

    Abekalii, Master shaman of fire (Urbakum)
    Dark one, Living shadow (Urbakum)
    Ral'Na, Emperor of the sun (Empire of the Sun)
    Lucimor, The fallen one (Demigod of fear)
    Terra, Queen of life (Goddes of nature)
    Ender of All, The darkness' embrace (God of death)
    Assavith, The unseen one (God of stealth)

    Sting, The winged warrior (Urbakum)
    Chrono, the Timetraveler (Urbakum)
    Evo'Tei, Captain of the sunbeam (Empire of the Sun)
    Wardania, The fastest archer (Luminian empire)
    Moon, The mysterious one (Spirit of the Moon)
    Legion, For we are many (God of massive armies)

    Ubaka, Master shaman of wisdom (Urbakum)
    Seraphii, Angel of the sun (Urbakum)
    Ze'Ni, Dawn archmage (Empire of the Sun)
    Luminor, The creator (Supreme god) (aka Notch)
    Wind, the playful one (Spirit of Wind)

    Vissa skapade jag namn på ledare av redan existerande typer av trupper som de rikena har
    Som Evo'Tei och Wardania (har typ inga som skulle kunna vara adc annars XD)
    31 styck, nära LoLs 40 vid launch




    Passive: Supercharge
    As the Aetherguard is hit, it gains charges. (max 10) At 10 charges, the Aetherguard's next ability will have an additional effect and consume the charges.

    Q: Arc lightning
    The Aetherguard summons arcing lightning that bounces 0..1..2..3..4 times and deals 55..80..110..150..190 (+0.5x AP) damage per hit. If the Aetherguard is supercharged, the first hit will stun for 1 second.

    W: Aether barrier
    The Aetherguard summons a barrier, blocking movement that lasts for 2..3..4..5..5.5. If the Aetherguard is supercharged, enemies near the barrier will be knocked back from it.

    E: Ride the lightning
    The Aetherguard turns into a lightning bolt and quickly moves to target location, dealing 40..60..90..110..150 (+0.7x AP) damage to all enemies in an area around the location. If the Aetherguard is supercharged, Ride the lightning recharges instantly.

    R/Ultimate: Lightning vortex
    The Aetherguard summons a totem pole made of metal at the target location for 3..4..5 seconds that creates an electric vortex which deals 110..180..220(+0.5x AP) damage per second and pulls enemies to it. If the Aetherguard is supercharged, the area of effect is increased.


    "Eternal vigilance."
    "We will forever defend the Aether."
    "They will not get past me."


    Passive: Witchbane mark
    When Religma kills or gets an assist, a Witchbane mark will be summoned at the dead enemy's location for 60 seconds, acting as a visible ward. The witchbane mark has a long sight range, can see over walls and detect invisible enemies in brush.

    Q: Witchbane blast
    Religma summons a blast of magical energy that deals 80..110...150...190..230 (+0.4x target AP) damage to the target and deals more damage the more ability power they have. When witchbane blast deals 50 or more bonus damage, it applies the Marked for heresy debuff for 5..6..7..8..10 seconds. If a champion affected by Marked for heresy is slain and Religma gets a kill or assist for it, Religma gains a stack of No escape (max 10) and the slain champion gets a debuff called Heretic. For every stack of No escape, enemies near Religma with the Heretic debuff move 5% slower.

    W: Zealous advance
    Religma charges towards the target location, knocking away enemies from his path and dealing 80..100..120..150..180 (+0.5x bonus AD). After stopping, Religma gets the Zealous assault buff for 1 second. While Religma has the Zealous assault buff, his next basic attack will consume the buff and stun the target for 1 second.

    E: Blind faith
    Passive: Religma gets +10..15..20..25..30 magic resist.
    Active: Religma screams in wrath at the heretics, slowing all nearby enemies by 50% for 1.5 seconds and gains by 25..33..50..75..100 health for each enemy affected. Religma gains double the health from champions affected by the slow.

    R/Ultimate: Fanatical frenzy
    Religma enters a frenzy for 5..7..10 seconds, dashing towards his attack targets, dealing +40..60..80 (+0.5x bonus AD) bonus damage to them and knocking them and enemies in his path away. If he hits an enemy with Heretic that is below 50% health, they will be terrified for 1 second.


    "I will protect Luminor's light!"
    "At your service."
    "They will not enjoy the ''special treatment'' I have in store for them..."

    Terra Mortis

    Passive: Massacre
    Whenever a unit dies near Terra Mortis, he gains a stack of Massacre. Terra Mortis gains +1 health and +0.2 attack damage for each stack of Massacre.

    Q: Ray of Death
    Terra Mortis fires a ray of death from his eyes that travels forward, dealing 80..110..150..190..240 (+0.5x bonus AD) damage to enemies hit. If Terra Mortis has 100 or more stacks of Massacre, enemies hit will also be slowed by 50% for 2 seconds.

    W: Warpath
    Terra Mortis charges forward, knocking all enemies in his path back and dealing 80..100..120..140..170 (+0.75x bonus AD) damage to them. If Terra Mortis has 150 or more stacks of Massacre, enemies hit will run in fear for 1 second.

    E: Demonic bombardment
    Terra Mortis summons demons to bombard target area for 4 seconds, dealing 40..60..80..100..120 (+0.5x AP) damage twice per second. If Terra Mortis has 200 or more stacks of Massacre, Demonic bombardment scales with bonus AD instead and has its area of effect greatly increased.

    R/Ultimate: Horrors of War. Can only be cast on the corpse of a champion. All enemies in a decently large area around the corpse will be feared for 2..2.25..2.5 seconds and Terra Mortis gains 10 stacks of Massacre for each champion affected.


    "This world will end in war."
    "The league can only prevent conflict for so long."
    "They will be counted amoung the casualties."


    Passive: Apex predator
    On kill or assist, Scy'Laa gains a stack of Dominance. For every stack of Dominance, Scy'Laa grows a little bigger, gains +2 attack damage and 15 health.

    Q: Aqua blast
    Scy'Laa forms a magical orb in one of her axes and fires it at the target location, dealing 90..110..140..180..210 (+0.75x AP) magic damage in a small radius. If Scy'Laa has 10 or more stacks of Dominance, Aqua blast scales with bonus AD and stuns enemies hit for 0.75 seconds.

    W: Tail grab
    Scy'Laa reaches out with her tail, grabs an enemy (NOTE, NOT IN SKILL DESCRIPTION: Quite short range) and pulls it to her, slowing them by 50% for 1..1.5..2..2.5..3 seconds. If Scy'Laa has 15 or more stacks of Dominance, she then slams the target into the ground with her tail, stunning them for 1 second and dealing 50..70..100..130..160 (+0.25x AD) damage to them.

    E: Frenzied onslaught
    Scy'Laa moves quickly towards target enemy, slashing enemies for 20..40..60..90 (+ 1x AD) on the way. When she reaches the enemy, she slashes it with both her axes, dealing 20..40..60..80 (+1x AD) twice. If Scy'Laa has 20 or more stacks of Dominance, she will knock enemies back on her way to her target.

    R/Ultimate: Dr'agan assault
    Scy'Laa leaps into the air with her wings and descends on target champion, stunning them for 1..1.5..2 seconds and dealing 190..230..280 (+0.75 bonus AD) damage to them. If Scy'Laa has 30 or more stacks of Dominance, she then swings her tail around, knocking all enemies except her target back and dealing 160..210..260 (+ 1 bonus AD) damage to them.


    "Dr'aga rule the ocean."
    "We will destroy all land dwellers."
    "Strike! Slash! Dominate!"


    Passive: Purity
    All debuffs affecting Water have their durations reduced by 33%. Any enemy that damages Water for 100 or more in 3 seconds receives the Unclean debuff for 5 seconds.

    Q: Tidal wave
    Summons a wave to strike enemies. Causes knockback and 80..110..140..180..210 (+0.75x AP)

    W: Sacred water
    Summons a spring of sacred water that heals allies. Any enemies with Unclean standing in it take 100..130..160..190..220 (+0.8x AP) damage per second.

    E: Purify
    Removes all debuffs if cast on an ally. If cast on an enemy with Unclean, they will be slowed and take 100..135..170..205..230 (+0.75x AP) damage but the Unclean debuff will be removed.

    R/Ultimate: Ocean's hunger
    Water summons the entire ocean to devour the battlefield for 10..15..20 seconds. Enemies will recieve the Drowning debuff, causing them to move slower and lose mana over time. If they reach 0 mana while they have the Drowning debuff, they take 800..1100..1500 (+1x AP) damage.

    "I will purify this world."
    "This land is unclean."
    "They are but a spot of dirt."

    Devourer of Worlds

    Passive: True evil never dies
    When the Devourer of Worlds dies, he turns into a weaker Eater of Worlds with -50% attack damage and ability power, -50% maximum HP and will morph back into his normal form after 20 seconds if not killed again. (180 second cooldown)

    Q: Breath netherfire
    The Devourer of Worlds breaths netherfire in a cone, damaging enemies by 90..120..150..180..210 (+0.6x AP) damage and slowed by 20..25..30..35..40% for 2..3..4..5..6 seconds.

    W: Wail of the nether
    The Devourer of Worlds lets out a series of strange cries, causing nearby enemies to flee in fear for 0.75..1..1.25..1.5..1.75 seconds.

    E: Death bite
    The Devourer of Worlds bites target champion, dealing 110..150..180..210..250 (+0.75x bonus AD) and stuns the target for 0.5..0.75..1..1.25..1.5 seconds.

    R/Ultimate: Immortality
    Passive: Reduces damage taken by 10..15..20%.
    Active: Can only be activated while dead. The Devourer of Worlds reforms itself and rises again with 0% mana and 50% health.

    "Another world to feast upon!"
    "True evil never dies." (Upon using ultimate)
    "They cannot harm me."



    Passive: Eternal sorrow
    Whenever an enemy champion dies, all other enemy champions within vision range of the dying champion recieve a stack of Sorrow, which interacts with Necromourn's other abilities.

    Q: Touch from beyond
    Necromourn summons a ghastly hand to touch an enemy, dealing 70..90..110..130..150 (+1x AP) magic damage and consumes 1 stack of Sorrow. If a stack of Sorrow is consumed, Touch from beyond deals 50% more damage and slows the target by 50% for 2 seconds.

    W: Skeletal grasp
    Summons a line of skeletal hands that snare enemies that move into them for 1 second, dealing 75..100..125..150..175 (+0.5x AP) and consuming 1-2 stacks of Sorrow. For each stack of Sorrow consumed, the enemy is snared for 1 additional second and take 75..125..175..225..275 (+0.5 AP) damage over 3 seconds.

    E: Death's embrace
    Necromourn calls an enemy champion to the underworld. If the enemy champion is slain within 10..15..20..25..30 seconds, Necromourn's cooldowns are reduced by 10 seconds and he is healed for 80..120..160..200..240 (+0.4x AP) health.

    R/Ultimate: Lord of the dead
    Necromourn rises on a sea of skeletal servants, damaging and slowing all nearby enemies for 5..7..10 seconds. Enemies take 75..125..175(+0.7x AP) damage per second and are slowed by 50%. Each time an enemy is hit, a stack of Sorrow is consumed. For each stack of Sorrow consumed, Necromourn gains 20 armor and magic resist for 10 seconds and is healed for 80..120..160..200..240 (+0.4x AP) health.

    Necromourn summons a legion of undead minions based on the number of slain minions. Level 1: Ranged minions. Level 2: Siege minions. Level 3: Super minions. Fewer minions are summoned at higher levels. (NOTE: These minions reward very little gold when killed)

    "The dead shall serve."
    "The darkness rises."
    "Oh, future minions."



    Passive: A shadow in the dark
    While Assavith is stealthed, he gains additional sight range and his next basic attack will deal 30...250 (scales with level) bonus magic damage.

    Q: Go for the heart
    Assavith stabs target enemy in the heart, dealing high physical damage and causing them to bleed for medium physical damage over medium seconds. Assavith gains all health they lose to the bleeding.

    W: Unseen
    Assavith becomes invisible for high seconds. If he deals damage or takes damage, Unseen will end. His next action against an enemy (attack, go for the heart or) will have an additional effect. If his next action against an enemy is a basic attack, the target will be slowed by 50% for medium seconds. If his next action against an enemy is Go for the heart, the enemy will take additional magic damage, equal to the damage dealt by his passive. (his passive does not trigger twice since go for the heart is not a basic attack.)

    E: Illusionary walk
    Assavith fades into the Gloom, allowing him to move through units and terrain for medium seconds. While illusionary walk is active, he can activate it again to have it end early and teleport him back to the point where he activated it. If he is inside terrain when illusionary walk ends, he will be moved to the closest normal ground.

    R/Ultimate: Gloomblade
    Assavith imbues his blades with the power of his realm, casuing his next attack to deal bonus magic damage equal to the (around 25%) of his target's maximum health.

    "They will never see me."
    "I am forever cursed and blessed to be unseen."
    "They won't feel a thing. Maybe."


    Passive: Superhuman agility
    Ral'Na gains 1% movement speed, 2% attack speed and 2 extra attack damage per level.

    Q: Bash
    Ral'Na leaps onto target unit and bashes them with the blunt end of his glaive, stunning them and dealing physical damage.

    W: Desert cyclone
    Ral'Na sweeps his glaive around himself for 2 seconds, dealing physical damage each second. Every enemy hit by Desert cyclone lowers the cooldown of Bash and Lead the charge by 1 second. (max 3 seconds from minions) Every hit from Bash and Lead the charge lowers the cooldown of Desert cyclone by 1 second.

    E: Lead the charge
    Ral'Na rushes in a direction, slowing enemies he hits on the way and dealing physical damage to them. For the next 3 seconds, allies moving towards Ral'Na while Ral'Na is near an enemy move 50% faster.

    R/Ultimate: Stem the tide
    Ral'Na's weapon grows and starts glowing. During this time, he gains additional attack damage and can activate Drought blast three times. Drought blast deals magic damage in a cone and knocks back enemies slightly.

    "The might of the sun."
    "My empire will crush them!"
    "Fall before my might!"



    Passive: Living darkness
    (NOTE: Moon's base attack damage is very, very low) Moon's abilities produce living darkness that gradually dissappears over time. While standing in living darkness, Moon gains additional attack damage for each enemy in her sight radius and becomes invisible if outside attack range of enemy champions. (NOTE: based on enemy attack range, not her own.)

    Q: Hungering arrow
    Moon fires an arrow of living darkness that leaves a trail of living darkness and deals 30..60..90..130..160 (+0.50x AD) and passes through enemies. For each enemy it hits, the arrow deals 15% more damage to the next one. This bonus is doubled if the enemy hit is a champion. If the last enemy hit is a champion, the arrow returns to Moon and heals her by 50% of the total damage the arrow inflicted.

    W: Fade into darkness
    Moon fires a shot at a nearby champion, dealing 20..40..60..80..100(+1x AD) and fades into her living darkness, shortly appearing at a target area that also contains living darkness. Every time Moon hits a champion with a basic attack, Fade into darkness' cooldown is reduced.

    E: Shadow tendrils
    Moon releases tendrils of darkness that slow enemies the longer they are near her and leaving a trail of living darkness. The longer they are near her, the more they are slowed until they are stunned for 1..1.25..1.5..1.75..2 seconds.

    R/Ultimate: Horros of the night
    Moon darkens the entire battlefield and reduces enemy sight and attack range for 6..8..10 seconds and causes her living darkness to take shape and attack nearby enemies for 30..50..70 (+1.2x AD) per second.


    Upon selection:
    "It is all part of a greater plan."

    "I must hunt alone."
    "The darkness can be a force for good."
    "You're in the middle of my scheme."
    "The darkness whispers..."
    "Forbidden knowledge must not reach my enemies."
    "The plot thickens."

    "A neccessary evil."
    "A million steps ahead."
    "This is but a battle, I've already won the war."
    "The shadows will devour them."
    Moon laughs.

    "I don't just have a plan B. I have a plan for every letter in the alphabet. And a few more."
    "Plotting for hundreds of years is fun, you should try it...oh wait, you're mortal. Too bad!"

    "When you try to run away, I'll make sure you turn back and bow before me!"


    Passive: The damned shall serve
    Every time Legion kills a unit, he gains a stack of Legion.
    When Legion crits an enemy, 10...3 stacks are consumed to summon a clone of Legion that inherits his crit chance and attack speed but deals reduced damage and takes additional damage.

    Q: Volley
    Passive: Legion and his clones' attacks deal damage over time.
    Active: Legion and all his clones fire a volley of arrows at target unit, dealing X damage per shot. If only one shot is fired, it deals 50% increased damage.

    W: Chaos switch
    Passive: Legion gains movement speed.
    Active: Legion swaps place with target clone and gains attack speed for a few seconds.

    E: Leading shot
    Legion fires a shot to mark target enemy, dealing X damage and slowing them. All attacks by allied units on that target deal Y extra damage.

    R/Ultimate: My name is Legion, for we are many
    For each clone Legion currently controls, he summons another one.

    "The glooms whispers to me."
    "Who is that annoying bastard babbling in my ear? Oh, that's me."
    "The voices are telling me to kill them."


    Passive: Emerald pulse crystal
    Chrono's emerald pulse rifle circumvents regular armor plating, allowing his autoattacks and abilities to ignore 20% armor and magic resist.

    Every third basic attack his emerald pulse crystal will be charged, causing that attack to deal additional magic damage.

    Q: Emerald blast
    Chrono targets an enemy and fires a blast from his rifle, dealing magic damage. If his crystal is charged, this skill stuns.

    W: Anti-personell drone
    Chrono fires off a drone from his rifle which starts circling around the first enemy champion hit, periodically dealing magic damage. The drones charge Chrono's crystal but will not expend the charge.

    E: Leap through time
    Chrono targets a location, gaining vision of it. At any point in the next five seconds, he can teleport there from anywhere. After he does, he is still sped up through time magic and gains movement- and attack speed.

    R/Ultimate: Orbital antimatter cannon
    Turns out Chrono brought more than a gun and a jetpack with him on his time travels.

    Chrono targets a location, which after 1.5 seconds is bombarded with antimatter blasts, which deal massive damage to any enemy caught inside. Chrono is channeling from when he activates the ability to when the blasts arrive.

    "I already know the outcome."
    "I'm used to fighting things five times their size."
    "Inferior technology."
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    Before the beginning, there was only darkness. In the end, there will only be darkness. Light is temporary.

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