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  1. Jacce
    Jag är Mycket stolt över Överherrens arbete.
  2. Jacce
    Min Överherre, jag har gjort en film av Kriget mod De Otroende:
  3. blixt
    Mycket bra, kan du göra en fortsättning.
  4. blixt
    Min signatur visar att ondska är liv och godhet är död. Bra idé eller?
  5. King of Doom
    King of Doom
    Den är ok. Kolla den här: Fullständig dawn of war-kopia, men jag orkade inte komma på något eget just nu:

    Enemies of Doom hear me.
    You have come here to die, the immortal Overlord is with us and we are invincible.

    His soldiers will strike you down, his demons will tear your heart out of your chest.
    His mighty magic will bring the very sky crashing down upon you.

    You cannot win.

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  6. Jacce
  7. King of Doom
    King of Doom
    Vad sägs om denna?

    Mortals, heretics, fools! What you have wasted all your strength on was just the first wave.

    More of us are coming at this very moment, while your forces are failing and scattering...
    You have come for our blood, but you will drown in your own!

    Warriors of doom, it is time to end this war!
    Abaddon is with us! Dhuum is with us! The Overlord himself is with us!
  8. King of Doom
    King of Doom
    And when the Dark God finally appears
    he will realise everyone's greatest fears
    Fire will rain from the sky and the heavens will bleed
    when the Dark God comes, not even the greatest deed
    can stop the coming of darkness and evil
    and not even the gods' holy anvil
    where the blades of the archangels are forged
    can stop the demons which in the mortal realm have gorged
  9. King of Doom
    King of Doom
    Ah, den här gruppen var kul.
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